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NanoConeTM Technology

NanoConeTM is a nano-surface chemistry that fabricates a solid surface with conical structures. The cone-shaped dendron has a well-defined three-dimensional structure whose size can be changed precisely.

These advantages are:

  • Fast reaction due to less steric interference and optimal binding;
  • Low nonspecific binding giving orders of magnitude improvement in detection sensitivity; and
  • Enhanced accuracy and reproducibility allowing for more reliable results.

The atomic force microscope (AFM) is a high-resolution scanning device that was primarily used in physical and material sciences. It uses a cantilever tip to "feel" the force between the tip and the target surface and convert the force profile into an image.

Nanogea's technology combines the NanoConeTM chemistry and AFM, forming a NanoConeTM surface at the tip of the AFM cantilever and at the surface of the substrate. The dendron-modification of the surfaces can optimize the density of immobilized biomolecules, remove steric hindrance between interacting biomolecules, and avoid unwanted nonspecific binding and/or the formation of multiple biomolecular complexes. Therefore, dendron modified-AFM tip provides a superb option to the existing biomolecular surface immobilization methods.

The NanoConeTM Enabled AFM (NE-AFMTM) enables direct molecular interaction between individual molecules. Consequently the resolution and sensitivity are greatly enhanced. The "atomic force" between two molecules can be accurately measured and molecules on the substrate can be interrogated, virtually eliminating the chance of false positives.

What does this all mean? The result is an approach so sensitive and specific that we can identify a single target molecule among millions of healthy ones. We have been able to count the number of individual cDNAs, RNA or antigens in a patient sample. We may have the most sensitive technology available for detecting diseases early and accurately.
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