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Nanogea Profiled in Nature Methods Journal.
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Nanogea Profiled in Nature Methods Journal.

CULVER CITY, California, May 1, 2011 – Nanogea, Nanogea, a nano-biotechnology company focused on commercializing the industry’s most sensitive single molecular detection platform, is pleased to announce that it was profiled in the April issue of the Nature Methods journal.

The article titled Product Focus – Proteins and Biomarkers: Technologies Integrated: Proteomics Enabled, a special feature on the leading proteomics technologies, lists Nanogea as a leading platform technologies. Other companies featured include Thermo Scientific and Norton Scientific, among others.

Dr. David Y Choi, Chief Business Officer of Nanogea, commented, "We are happy to be recognized as a leading company in proteomics by such a prestigious and widely read magazine.” He added, “Although other companies seem to have paid advertising fees to be listed this article, we didn’t have to. We are featured because of our innovative approach.”

About Nanogea
Nanogea, a nano-biotech company located in Westlake Village California, is focused on commercializing the industry’s most sensitive genomic and proteomic detection platform based on its innovative NanoCone™ chemistry and NanoCone Enabled Atomic Force Microscopy (NE-AFMTM) technology. The Company is utilizing its technology to push the genetic and protein detection limit to the single molecular level, thus greatly improving the sensitivity and accuracy of disease diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, and monitoring as well as drug discovery research. To learn more about its pioneering technology, visit www.nanogea.com.

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